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About the GF Team


So we're kind of the anti-capitalist shop. Our margins are low, we're not running major promotions, we make what we want to make - not what sells. This means we make a lot of designs that we can't even market! Facebook won't let us run an ad for "Fuck Around and Find Out!" so it's whatever.

We give a major portion of profits to charities. We've donated to hospitals, substance abuse treatment causes, NAACP, bail funds, planting trees, and we also kick a little to Wikimedia because free information is important. If you bought something, your purchase contributed to a good cause.

If it seems we have a lot of random things, it's because Gemmed Firefly is made up of the combined interests from three broke friends who created the brand. We had enough money to make a basic store together and said, "Let's just try to have fun with it and help people."

Our ultimate goal is for Gemmed Firefly to be a positive impact on visitors, and we hope to provide helpful expression to enrich the lives of those who visit and shop with us. Shopping with us isn't giving your money to big corporations, and we even use ethical banks.

In all honesty, if you a buy a shirt, you're supporting a tiny business and allowing us to continue to help people. We love and appreciate you and hope Gemmed Firefly becomes a fond friend in your life.

Oh and we teamed up with Dungeon Glitch because we are huge nerds and love the message of all the people involved. <3