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Temporary Shipping Notice

So we've been seeing *some* customers have been getting bad tracking estimates from both the USPS and UPS. We've reached out to both and obviously they're impacted by the COVID complications as well as being short handed and hamstrung. This then impacts parcels moving through overwhelmed areas which may tack on minor delays.

We haven't seen anything get lost - just held up a bit.

The USPS / UPS have suggested our typical fast ship of 6-14 days may (or MAY NOT) see a delay of a few days to an additional week.

This seems to be hitting every retailer nationwide (that doesn't have a local fulfillment labor violation center empire*cough*).

Stay safe and we thank you for understanding.

We got you covered whether you're one of the few impacted or not.

We take every above and beyond option to get our packages out as quickly and safely as possible per order.

For more information from USPS, click here.

-GF Team


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