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Transgender Gator Flag "Fuck Around and Find Out" Tapestry

Introducing the Transgender Gator Flag "Fuck Around and Find Out" Tapestry, a bold declaration of defiance and unapologetic self-expression. This tapestry is more than just a piece of decor; it's a symbol of the fierce spirit that refuses to be silenced or oppressed. With its vibrant design and powerful message, it's perfect for anyone who embodies the indomitable rage and resilience of the LGBT community.

Crafted from 100% lightweight polyester, this tapestry combines durability with striking visual impact. The vividly printed design features the iconic phrase "Fuck Around and Find Out" set against the backdrop of a transgender gator flag, representing the unyielding courage and spirit of the community. The finished edges add a touch of elegance and ensure the tapestry maintains its integrity and beauty over time.

Available in two versatile sizes, 60x50 inches and 80x68 inches, this tapestry offers flexibility to fit any space. Whether you're looking to make a bold statement in a cozy room or want to fill a large wall with a powerful message, there's an option that's just right for you. Easy to hang and care for, this tapestry is designed to be a practical and impactful addition to your decor.

Caring for your tapestry is simple: machine wash on a gentle cold cycle and choose to line dry or tumble dry on low. To keep the colors vibrant and the fabric in top condition, avoid using bleaches or whitening agents.

Product Specifications:

  • Type: Backdrop Tapestry
  • Material: 100% Lightweight Polyester
  • Design: Vivid Printed Top with "Fuck Around and Find Out" Gator Rage Theme
  • Sizes: Available in 60x50 inches and 80x68 inches for flexible wall coverage
  • Finish: Finished Edges for durability and a refined appearance
  • Care Instructions: Gentle Machine Wash on Cold, Line Dry or Tumble Dry on Low, Avoid Bleaches or Whitening Agents

The Transgender Gator Flag "Fuck Around and Find Out" Tapestry is not just a warning; it's a celebration of those who are unafraid to stand up for themselves and their community. It's for those who carry the spirit of "don't start shit" and the resolve of a "monster of vengeance." This tapestry recognizes and honors your strength, making it the perfect emblem for anyone who wishes to make a statement of solidarity and empowerment.

Allow 1-2 weeks delivery for your warning flag of toothy love.

🐊 The flag is a one sided print perfect for indoor applications. Indoor Use Is Suggested to Maximize the Life of the Flag.